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What is GO-Global?

GO-Global is a fast, simple, and affordable application delivery solution that provides instant, secure access to centrally-running Windows applications from any location, platform and operating system. With GO-Global, there is no need to rewrite applications for the Web or deploy complex, expensive infrastructure. Our product family includes GO-Global for Windows. GO-Global for Windows publishes Windows applications to the Web or your corporate network without the need for Citrix or Microsoft Windows Terminal Server.

Products and Solutions

GO-Global is the fast and secure application access and Web-enabling solution that makes it easy and cost-effective to extend the reach of your existing Windows, UNIX, and Linux applications to your company’s network or the Web. Your applications run on a secure central computer (the Host), making them available to local, remote and mobile devices (the Clients) running just about any platform and operating system, including iPad, iPhone, and Android. The host-resident applications appear on the client devices just as though they were running locally. View GO-Global videos and see for yourself how GO-Global works.

Want to Access Windows Applications from Anywhere?

GO-Global for Windows provides local, remote and mobile users with instant access to Windows applications from anywhere. It eliminates the time and expense normally needed to rewrite existing Windows applications for the Web. And it’s much easier to deploy and use than complex alternatives such as Citrix XenApp or Windows-only solutions such as Microsoft Remote Desktop Services.

Need Remote Access to UNIX and Linux Apps?

GO-Global for UNIX delivers UNIX and Linux applications to local or remote devices without the need for cumbersome, client-side X servers. Thanks to our advanced architecture, your application’s interface is instantly delivered across the network and displayed on the remote devices — with unmatched speed, performance and security.

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